Financial Literacy Workshops
Daria's workshops are structured around the unique needs of each demographic group. For women, she offers insights on managing family finances and planning for a financially secure future. She understands the unique financial challenges women face and offers targeted strategies to tackle them effectively.

For children and young adults, Daria designs workshops that lay a strong foundation for financial literacy. She covers essential topics like saving, budgeting, and understanding the value of money. These early lessons can help set young people on a path to financial responsibility and prosperity in the future.

Beyond providing practical financial knowledge, Daria's workshops also introduce the attendees to various tools for managing and growing their finances. From understanding how to use financial management apps to learning about different investment options, participants can expect to leave the workshops with a toolkit of resources to help them secure their financial growth.

In the spirit of community support and development, a part of the workshop fees is dedicated to supporting philanthropic causes. For example, the proceeds from the 'Family Finances Workshop for Women' on April 15, 2023, will support Andrew Blakely in his battle against leukemia. This way, attendees can learn to manage their finances while contributing to a meaningful cause.

Moreover, Daria offers the opportunity for communities and organizations to host these workshops. Whether it's for a women's group, a school, or a community center, Daria is open to collaborating and bringing these essential financial literacy workshops to different settings. Feel free to contact Daria to discuss organizing a workshop for your community. With Daria, financial literacy is more than a lesson; it's a step towards a financially secure future.