Mortgage Refinancing
Mortgage refinancing can be an effective strategy to capitalize on lower interest rates, reduce your monthly payments, switch from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate loan, or tap into home equity. Daria's deep understanding of the mortgage market, combined with her accounting expertise, positions her perfectly to guide you through the refinancing process.

Daria starts the refinancing process by understanding your financial goals and current mortgage terms. She then compares these with the latest offerings in the market, identifying refinancing opportunities that can help you save money or achieve other financial goals. Her goal is to ensure that refinancing makes financial sense for you, considering all costs, including potential penalties for breaking your current mortgage.

Next, Daria will manage the application process, helping you gather all necessary documents, complete the application forms, and liaise with the lender. She'll also explain the new terms of your loan, ensuring you understand all implications. Once the loan is approved, Daria will guide you through closing, ensuring you understand the costs involved and what changes to expect in your future payments.